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I have travelled to the Arctic Wilderness  in each the last five years, both to Svalbard and the Canadian Arctic. I have visited in winter, summer and autumn and experienced the exceptional wildlife, dramatic scenery and the beautiful Arctic light. It has left with me a lasting impression of a wilderness of great beauty, but also great sorrow, as it faces exceptional challenges for survival. Temperatures are rising and the sea ice is disappearing. With the loss of this ice many animals that depend on it, such as the seals, polar bears and walrus, are facing uncertain futures. Our knowledge of the numbers of polar bears in the Arctic is unreliable, but estimates suggest that only 25,000 are remaining. Up to 1000 of these bears are culled in a year, thus weakening the remaining population. With the loss of sea ice the whole area becomes more accessible and its valuable mineral resources are being sought by the different nations who lay claim to the Arctic. This wilderness is one I hope I will return to  many more times. With these images I hope to bring to you some of the magic and beauty of this extraordinary wilderness in a selection of prints portraying the wildlife and landscape in the different seasons.

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